Friday, January 18, 2008

Many doctors

Ok, so it was just two doctors I saw this week.

On Wednesday, I went to see my eye doctor for some reoccuring styes on my eyelid that started back in November. Sometimes they just get a little puffy but other times, they turn into a giant pimple. And they really itch and make my eyelid look swollen right along the lash line. And when your husband is eating dinner across the table from you and says, "Does that giant thing on your eyelid hurt?" you know it's time to do something. My eye doctor prescribed an antibiotic so I'm on day three of a 10-day dose.

On Thursday, I went to the OB where it was even less eventful than I imagined! He didn't do an internal (which I'm kinda happy about). I only gained one pound over the week (so I'm up to 182 lbs) and everything else looked good.

And I'm not complaining about being fact, I'm really enjoying it. My heartburn isn't near as bad as it was last time. Yes, I'm exhausted by 9:00 am, but I can take a nap when X-man goes down for his nap. I'm just really ready to meet Ms. A. I know it's going to turn our world completely upside-down, but I'm ok with that!


SarahB said...

I've been eagerly awaiting a post from you!

Sorry to hear about the styes! Hope the medicine keeps them from coming back.

Enjoy those naps and give X-man some extra snuggles!

Amanda said...

Ooh, my mom had some styes and they looked so painful! Get better soon! Can't wait to meet Miss A either! We will definitely have to get together with Cher once you are up and at them after she's born!

^starshine said...

Things are just so completely different this time around aren't they? LOL!!

I can't believe its time for the arrival of baby A!!

MommyLuv said...

You are getting close! How exciting! Are your styes better?