Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh, Baby!

I had an OB appointment last Thursday. No weight gain (still at 182) and my blood pressure was great. The doc said that next week he'll do an internal and see if I've had any progress. I really didn't start having contractions until Wednesday, so I hope that all these contractions are doing something.

Tonight, TC is at a friend's house. They're having a guy's night watching Spinal Tap.

I'm having a bowl of ice cream and watching my DVR'd Garth Brooks concert from last night.

Let me tell you about Garth Brooks.

He is my all-time favorite singer. While I'm watching this concert, I'm just imagining actually being there at the concert and I'm tearing up. And no, I don't think it's just pregnancy hormones.

I was introduced to Garth Brooks by a guy in band my freshman year of high school (and no, it wasn't Mr. Smith, for those that are wondering) at the end of the year band party. Well, I think I'd heard of him before that but not too much. Anyway, Friends in Low Places always makes me think of that band party. So, my infatuation with the G-man got stronger and stronger. I have every single one of his CDs (and several of those are "duplicates" because he'd re-release an album with one or two new songs). I did have a chance to go to one of his concerts with pitterpatter, but the concert conflicted with a scholarship audition for my Master's degree and I didn't go (and I think that I'd get to see my out-of-state boyfriend...TC...when I went to the audition).

Anyway, Garth still does it for me. He is an awesome performer and his recent milestone of surpassing Elvis as the best-selling solo artist in history tells me that I'm not the only one into Garth!

Now, if Garth would only come out of retirement and do a concert somewhere close by, I'd be there. And I'd probably pass out...


MommyLuv said...

Garth Brooks rocks!! However, he is not as cute as he once was. I guess getting old does that to you. I have never seen him in concert. I did see George Strait when I was in college. How are you???

^starshine said...

The Hubby's family points out the dirt road you turn down to get to Garth's house every time we are between Owasso and Claremore...perhaps we should show you sometime too??