Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big News!

No, not the baby yet.

But I did shave my legs this morning! And I managed not to fall over in the shower!

I'm thinking that ^starshine is right when she said that we might just have a little diva on our hands. My little Buttercup is not going to bow down to peer pressure and come when everyone else is ready. She's just going to go on her own schedule.

Which is fine. It's not too much longer before my parents will be here and then she can just come on.

I have had a few contractions this morning that did sorta make me think "ouch." But again, nothing in a constant rhythm.

X-man turns two on Monday so "he's" taking cookies for his class today at CDO. I did take pictures of them (they're little frogs...made by a local bakery) but I promptly put the camera back in my hospital bag so as not to forget it.

I'll be out getting his birthday present (any ideas? I'm thinking some Duplo building blocks) and then I'll be resting at home until it's time to pick him up.

My OB appointment is tomorrow and I'm very anxious to see what he says. At our last appointment he said that if I made it to my due date and hadn't had the baby yet, he'd schedule me at the hospital. I interpreted that as if I hadn't had the baby by Thursday (tomorrow) - and I know my due date is Saturday - then he'd go ahead and schedule me (but I don't know if it'll be over the weekend or on Monday or what). TC interpreted what the OB said as if I haven't had the baby by Saturday, he'll wait until Monday to schedule me which means in may be later in the week before we're scheduled. Men.

Hopefully, though, I'll have progressed past the two centimeters from last week and will be closer to ready to go.

Thankfully this little one hasn't found that nerve that X-man found that he kept "plucking." It was really uncomfortable and gave me a start every time he did it. This little missy just likes to put my bladder in a vice grip which, admittedly, doesn't feel very good either, but it's better than that crazy nerve X-man found!!


Jessica said...

Checking in to see if there was any news on Avery yet! Getting close though! :) Wow...I didn't realize how close X-man and Avery's BD's would be together. You will have to do joint BD parties! I am sure they will love that. Ha ha!

Thinking about you the next few days...I hope Avery arrives safely and soon! Can't wait to see her face...

^starshine said...

You are learning the very important lesson all parents learn of their children...each child is distinctly different from the other. The funny thing is that this distinction starts waaaaay before they even get here!!

Saw all the in-laws last night at the youth's pancake supper and they are all just excited as could be for Miss A's arrival. Even got to see some new pics of X-man on Grandma's camera. :)

Hubby's cousin had her baby girl yesterday. 8 pounds 11 ounces. :)

MommyLuv said...

Can't wait to meet Ms. A!! My little one will be here 5 weeks from today - at 38 weeks and 5 days. We are very excited!

Becky said...

he PLUCKED YOUR NERVE?!? yeah, not so much, that makes adoption sound awesome.

SarahB said...

Oh wow! Do you think she and Xman will share a birthday? Do you want them to?

February will definitely be a month to celebrate around your house. :)

The Duplo blocks are a good pick, just make sure they all get picked up off the floor--stepping on them really hurts!

I know exactly what you mean about the nerve plucking!!! Both girls did it to me and now baby boy does it too--eee-ouch!!