Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silly Boy

He says: "Do it outcha"
He means: "Do it without you"
Why: One night at dinner, he said he wasn't going to say the blessing with us. So I said, "Ok, we'll do it withoutcha"...and he's a little parrot.

He says: "Do it hard way" with a very pitiful look on his face
Why: Occasionally we have to wrastle (yes, I spelled that exactly the way I wanted to) the boy to change his diaper. Or we just have a general hard time getting him on the floor to change it. If he's giving us a hard time, we'll ask him if he wants to do it the hard way or the easy way. Last night after bath, he toodled his little unclothed self into his room, looked at daddy and said, "Do it hard way." Daddy had to try really hard not to laugh.

He has discovered clothes pins (I use them to hold bags of chips or whatever together). And he has discovered where I keep them (*note* take the sharp stuff out of the clothes pin drawer!). I went to get a clothes pin this afternoon (to close up my bag of mini marshmallows...yum!) and I couldn't find on in the drawer! But there were three in the floor in the living room...

He says: "Ohhhhh, tankyoo mommy"
He means" "Here you go"
Why: Whenever he hands me something, I say "Oh, thank you X-man" so when he hands me something he says "thank you mommy." He hasn't quite gotten the concept of "you're welcome."

He says: "Not shake it or stir it"
He means: "Please don't shake or stir up my chocolate milk. I want you to put chocolate it in and then just let it sink to the bottom."
Why: He's two! I call him double-o-two when he does this.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

It really surprised me when it came to concepts like "yours and mine" or "Thank you and you're welcome". I had never given it much thought that those possessive phrases are very difficult to teach. "No, it's not mine it's yours" "Okay, it's yours". Should be right up there with "Who's on first!"

Lisa said...

How smart and sweet is that baby!!!???