Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8 years (and one day)

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to see Mamma Mia! and then out to ice cream. Though, I think TC's dinner of popcorn, gummy bears and ice cream didn't sit too well with his tummy.

The movie was a hoot! We saw the stage musical in Las Vegas several years ago (pre-kid days) and we've had the soundtrack on our iPods for quite some time. The singing wasn't knock-your-socks-off-great, but at least it was heartfelt. Now, poor Mr. Brosnan looked like he had gas every time he sang...but he sure was nice to look at anyway!

We had a good time and were home by 9:30 so the babysitter wasn't out too late either.

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Anonymous said...

ASH says, "Happy Anniversary!" Oh, and ask mommyferg about her reaction to Pierce's singing. We're planning a McM gathering for Sep 13th...interested?