Monday, August 11, 2008

Two and a half!!

X-man is two and a half today!!

He is such a hoot (and often will also remind us that he's just a kid who's still trying to figure out his place in this whole thing we call life).

His favorite phrase is, "Oh, look!" and he says it with great enthusiasm and the most precious look on his face. I have to remember how much fun it is to discover something new (and I have to remember that to him, lots of things are new all the time!!).

The other day we were leaving the living room and he walked by our change jar. I've got some candy canes hanging on it (from Christmas...just can't stand to throw them away). He pointed to them and said, "Oh, look! Reindeer!" Now I know that you can use some crafty items and make a candy cane look like a reindeer. But these ones are just out-of-the-package candy canes. Where did he see one looking like a reindeer...that he remembers? So I said, "Well, they don't look like reindeer right now. They're just candy canes." And he said, "They fo Chismas!" Again with remembering things!

He will repeat anything he hears, and often will repeat something at an inappropriate time and several days later when you think that he's forgotten.

For example...

My parents were here a few weeks ago and my dad changed X's diaper. Dad was going to put some powder on his bottom and said, "Let's powder your donut." Ok, not really bad, but at dinner a week later with TC's family, X looked at me, pointed to his diaper and said, "Time ta powdeh da donut!" Thankfully no one heard him and wouldn't really know what he meant anyway.

Since then I've told him what you actually call it and that we only talk about it when we're changing a diaper or going to the bathroom. This morning he called it a peanut. Close enough.

Another favorite phrase is "It's tooooo heaaaavy" and he says it in this really cute grunty voice. He does know when something's heavy, but sometimes he'll say it because he doesn't want to carry something anymore. Too funny!

Like I said, he's been testing out just how far he can go with things. This usually results in a trip to his room where he must sit on his step stool (the one he uses to climb into bed) until we tell him he can leave. He just loves to bother Buttercup while she's nursing (I try not to let him see me get frustrated). And I'll ask him to please not bother Buttercup. He keeps doing it. So, I ask him if he wants to sit in his room. He looks at me and smiles and says, "Yes." I tell him to go ahead (since I'm half undressed in the rocking chair and all). And the little stinker will head to his room all by himself and just sit there. Oh, he's going to be a handful soon enough!!

He loves Finding Nemo. We got a portable DVD player for the car for long trips (not for trips to the grocery store!) and we picked Nemo up for the first trip. We've been on three trips (which is 6 times in the car) and I'm pretty sure we've watched Nemo back and forth each time! Anyway, at the very beginning when Nemo's mom "mysteriously disappears" and then you see Marlin lying down in the anemone, the first time I watched it with X-man, I thought, "Yikes! This is scary!" X-man had a little concerned look on his face and I said, "It's ok!" So now when he watches the movie and it comes to that part, X-man looks at me and says, "It ok!" I had to laugh when X-man was talking at dinner last night and said, "Ooh wah ha ha, ooh wah ha ha" which is the chat that the fishes in the fish tank do for "Shark Bait's" initiation ceremony (I have seen this movie so many times and I really don't like to watch movies over and over and over again...I guess I'll get over that!). Daddy couldn't figure out what he was saying. So I explained to daddy that it was the chant the fish do around Mount Wannahockaloogie. He said, "Did they really call it that?" Yep. I didn't really remember that from the first time I was watching the movie either...but I wasn't watching it with an impressionable two year old, either.

Potty training has been wildly unsuccessful. Last week I told X that he could wear big boy underwear (which were Pull Ups) and that we'd try to potty on his big boy potty. I set the timer and said, "When the chicken dings, it's time to sit on the potty." He never did go in the potty that day and the next day he said, "Wear diaper, mommy." Hmmm... So, back into diapers and I didn't push it. A few days later he said to me, out of the blue, "When da chicken goes ding, time ta sit ona potty!" Again, a stinker!!

All in all, he's a great kid. He's polite and sweet and loves his sister (let's hope that continues!).


Lisa said...

Awww...he is just too sweet!

MommyLuv said...

We started (or tried) potty training KB when she was about 22 months old, and she did not want to have anything to do with it. We read books, watched videos, tried stickers, and etc. So, we asked our pediatrician for advice. He said, "Don't push it and let her lead the way!" I doubted him but he was right. One day all by herself (3 months before her 3rd birthday), she went to her little potty and went tee-tee. It has been "smooth sailing" ever since. Good luck!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, don't worry if he's not really interested yet. When they're ready, they're ready. Eli wasn't potty trained until a couple months ago (after he turned 3). I think it's better when they're older b/c Eli hardly had any accidents and it seemed to just happen overnight, whereas I have a friend that's trying to train her much younger daughter and they have tons of accidents.