Saturday, October 18, 2008

Everyone needs a Hook 'em Horns shirt!

A little dad went to Univ. of Texas and loves football. My mom loves football. My sister loves football. I enjoy it, but not the extent of the rest of my family. I remember on many occassions when I was growing up getting out of bed to go ask my parents to keep it down during the game. There was lots of yelling, "Go! Go! Go!" and "Get 'em!!" and "Hook 'em!!"

And I married a Texas Tech fan.

We now live deep in the heart of OU/OSU country.

A few weeks ago, my dad brought X-man a shirt with Bevo on it. X-man calls it his Hook 'em Horns shirt. If it's clean, he wants to wear it. Brave boy even wore it to children's day out the Wednesday before the Texas/OU game.

Anyway, now when he sees someone in an orange shirt, he says they're wearing their hook 'em horns shirt. In general, one can assume it's an OSU shirt and not a UT shirt.

And X-man keeps asking me where my Hook 'em Horns shirt is and then he tells me that Paw-Paw (my dad) has "lotsa Hook 'em Horns shirts."

I have it on good authority that when we go home for homecoming next weekend, my dad has several UT shirts for me.


Dr. Sis said...

That's right. We ALL need an ample supply of Hook 'Em Horns shirts. Especially those of us living on the other side of the River :)

^starshine said...

We all have our faults...some more than others. LOL!!

Becky said...

smart kid. great taste, too.