Monday, October 27, 2008


Those of you that weren't there were missed!

We had a great time at homecoming this past weekend. We even got to go early since TC took Thursday and Friday off. We were there in time to watch the tipi raising...though I'm not sure how I missed watching TC's club or my club putting up their tipis. I must have been watching some little boy making sure he didn't run in the way of people running around with the ropes to tie the tipis together!

By the way, ASH, did your club get a new tipi? Was it the one with the amazingly bright light blue flaps? It had an arbor next to it, so we assumed it was yours.

Anyway, X-man loved going into the tipi and even ate a caramel apple (courtesy of the "camel and the black"...or is that "camel and the blue?") inside TC's club's tipi. I guess there's no better place to eat a caramel apple!

Friday was the Decades Dinner. It was to honor the classes of '78, '88 and '98. The showing for my class ('98) was abysmal. There were all of 5 people there...and that included me! The other classes had a little more turnout (only about 30 people there total, though). And the other 4 from my class weren't even people I hung out with at all! We visited a little, but it almost felt, I guess we have to talk to each other.

My club's reunion on Saturday was really nice. The girls did a great always. There was even a great picture of me and my pledge sisters on the night we got inducted. That one won't be going on my facebook page...probably not a good idea to have pictures of you in a blindfold in a public place like that! I'm still trying to get over the fact that the girls have learned the tune to the song wrong.

We missed the football game that afternoon due to X-man and Avery's naps. I don't think us being there would have helped the team at all...and they're record is lovely...0 in 10 (you put the wins first and then the losses, right?).

Saturday night was TC's club's 30th Anniversary dinner. Typical college boys, I don't think they spent too much time planning the event. I was kinda sad. And TC was the oldest alumni there. There was one other that pledged the semester after him, but the rest of the alumni were from the last few years.

I thoroughly enjoyed Club Sing (at 10pm) and I'm always amazed I can stay awake for it!

(Yes, I'm up there...on the left somewhere)

After that, a group of us went to our favorite coffee shop. It's a local shop and we've been going there after club sing for several years. I love going! It reminds me what my face feels like after laughing for an hour straight. I remember those college days when we stayed up until midnight or later and got up the next day no worse for the wear. And it reminds me that I'm only as old as I feel! Which is not very!


MJS said...

I missed you very much. I really wanted to be there so I could have been the 6th from our year.

We need to head to Abilene sometime and teach those girls how to sing that darn song!

SarahB said...

Too bad that not more people were able to make it! And I'll have to join you two---I can still clearly hear our song!

Anonymous said...

Hi from ASH! I'm still laughing from Saturday night. My boss is looking at me funny! :)
My tipi was right next to yours. They didn't do the brush arbor this year. DBE has an arbor as well, so it was probably them.