Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all too much

Yesterday, nap/quiet time was neither for either kid. They both pretty much talked or sang (or screamed at the top of her lungs) until I got each one out of bed. X-man was actually pretty good last night but Buttercup was another story. Starting around 5:00, we could not get her calmed down! She screamed and fussed and just didn't like anything we did. I did manage to stop her crying for a bit, but I'd move, or say something to TC, or X-man would be loud and she'd startle out of her calmness and start all over again with the fussing. She didn't each much dinner...but part of that was my fault. I didn't want to feed the screaming child for fear that she'd aspirate her food! She was so tired she didn't know which way was up.

And this morning at 4:30, she started the crying again. It wasn't too terrible sounding but after I got on my gym clothes (Since last Thursday, I've been every morning except Sunday since they don't open until noon) I went to check on her. She had pulled herself up to standing in the crib (good thing we lowered it last week!) and I think was up there and didn't know how to sit down. It is dark and that's a giant leap of faith to just fall into the unknown. I gave her her pacifier (that I will be throwing away in a month) and put her back down on her back and left. TC said she didn't make another peep.

Unfortunately I couldn't just let her sleep this morning. I woke everyone up at 7 since X-man had a hearing test at 8:30 and both kids were getting their ears checked. There's no worries about X-man's ears, it's just that the info sheet from the tubes when he got them said that he would need a hearing test at 3 years old. Since his birthday is in a month, I was hoping we could go ahead and do it.

He ranked about average on the tests, but he mostly was distracted and after a few beeps in his ears was over it and wanted to play. The test did indicate that there was probably fluid/wax build-up in his left ear.

The ENT looked at his ears and yes, the left one was full of wax. But X-man let Dr. M. look at his ears while sitting in the chair all by himself. I didn't have to hold him down and X didn't cry at all! He's such a big boy. He was a bit scared when they cleaned out the wax, but he was fine when he got back to the exam room. And then they brought in a prescription for antibiotics since X has an ear infection. Lovely.

Buttercup, on the other hand, has perfect ears. The tubes have fallen out and are still in her ear canal but her eardrums have healed. In fact, if I wanted to take both kids swimming, I could! I think I'll skip that for now...makes me cold just thinking about it!

So, it's been a long morning...I'm glad it's just about lunch time!

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