Monday, January 05, 2009

Where's the candy?

TC's parents gave X-man Candy Land for Christmas. He wanted to open the box immediately (only, I think, because it was a box to open...not because he really knew what was inside!). When we did open the box, we were telling him it was a game called Candy Land and that he and grandaddy could play together. X-man was grinning and bouncing and pulled the lid off and pulled all the stuff out then looked at daddy and said, "Where's the candy?" Poor guy!

So grandaddy and daddy explained the game to him and he understands the concept now, though he sometimes has a difficult time following the path. And TC said that after a few times of drawing the card to find the next move, X-man apparently gets bored and says, "Time to kiss!" He gathers up all the little Candy Land playing people and stacks them together. That's new. TC says he's started to do the same thing with his bathket balls (those are small basketballs for the bathtub). Cute!

They've got Chutes and Ladders to give him for his birthday.

They had some other great ideas for Christmas gifts this year. Check out this blanket I got...

It is awesome! It came from Adirondack Blanket Works and it's beautiful! The blanket is made from recycled cotton, double-knit and the photo is actually knit into the fabric. It's not screenprinted or an iron-on transfer. The photo is from homecoming last October. Paw-Paw was pulling the kids up and down the street in their wagon. I managed to capture both of their impish grins in this one photo, so TC did a great job picking the photo for his dad to put on the blanket! I'll be using this for a long time!


Lisa said...

How cute is THAT??

Becky said...

that blanket is unreal. i am totally gonna get one for my sister!