Sunday, February 22, 2009

The English language is sometimes confusing...

X-man: "Mommy, put my jacket on!"
Daddy: "Mommy's busy, can daddy put your jacket on?"
X-man: "No Daddy! It's too small for you!"


X-man: "The Lord ate an apple and Jesus was sad. Jesus was just a little bit sad."
Mommy: "Did anyone else eat an apple?"
X-man: "No, just the Lord."

He apparently didn't quite understand the story of Adam and Eve.


X-man likes to put his boots on by himself. He did that the other day and got them on the wrong feet. It told him that his boots were on the wrong feet and he said, "Yes, they are on the wrong feet." Then he carefully crossed his right leg over his left, and standing there with his legs crossed he looked at me and said, "Now they're on the right foots!"

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Lisa said...

A future comedian I am sure!