Friday, February 27, 2009

A little cheer for a great product!

Let me start out by saying I am not being compensated for this review. I did receive a sample of this polish because I am a member of the ALL YOU Reality Checked team, but I am posting this review on my own free will...

Have you seen this nail polish by Sally Hansen? The first time I used it, it seriously became my favorite polish.

I love having my nails done. When I was younger, I bit my nails and since I stopped the habit (thanks to braces and a little bribe from my parents) I've always really liked having polished nails. I usually just do them myself but I had two stints of wearing "falsies." The last time I wore acrylic nails was some time in college. The year I took piano I had them taken off and haven't gone back since.

And since having kids, it is incredibly hard to find time to paint my nails. It's either too close to bedtime (and I hate sheet marks on my polish!) or there is an impending diaper change, child to pick up, laundry to fold or something else that will equally mess up my freshly polished nails.

So, when I got this polish in the mail (in Mauve It) and asked to sample it and return my comments through a survey, I was quite skeptical. I've never seen a polish dry in one minute...has it really taken this long to figure out how to make it happen?

Let me tell you, Sally got it right! I've already purchased two more bottles (in Racey Rouge and Presto Pink)!

Here are the claims and my comments:
* One-stroke application - There is a wide, flat brush in the bottle and it didn't quite cover my nails in one stroke, but it was pretty close. It could cover my pinky nail with one stroke. It took three strokes to completely cover each nail, but it was a nice, thin, even coat which I'm sure helps with the quick drying aspect.
* One-coat coverage - It did cover ok with one coat, but I opted for two coats (three coats with the red).
* Dries in 60 seconds - I didn't time this, but I did my nails at 9:15 pm...with bedtime only 45 minutes away! I would never do my nails this close to bedtime with my other nail polishes. I went to bed and could tell that the polish felt dry, not tacky and squishy. Do you know what I'm talking about here? Anyway, I got up the next morning and there were NO sheet marks on my polish! Awesome! I did do a quick touch-up on one nail and then left the house about 5 minutes afterwards and the polish did get a little messed up when it bumped up against something as I was getting in the car. I will make sure I have plenty of time for the polish to dry and "cure" before doing anything else, but I won't have to wait near as long as I do with my other polishes!

I did my nails again just two days ago (this time in Racey Rouge...rrrawrr!) and I could tell that my nails were "labor-ready" in about 15 minutes. I did my nails while the kids were sleeping and they were ready for the diaper change and after-nap-potty-trip! Love it!

So, if you like to do your own nails and have limited time to sit around and wait for them to dry, you might like Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish!

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