Friday, March 06, 2009

1 year check up

Buttercup had her 1-year check up on Tuesday. Yes, it was a month late...I forgot to schedule the next appointment at her 9 month check up and when I finally called to schedule, they were already booked up in February.

At any rate, Buttercup still had (or had a new) ear infection. I'm guessing the ENT is going to want to put tubes in again. Hers have fallen out already. I'm not going to call the ENT until after X-man's appointment (3-year check up) today. I'm hoping the fluid in his ears has gone away.

Buttercup weighed 19lbs, 9oz and she is 29in tall. Just almost time to move her to the front-facing car seat! I remember when we moved X-man into that seat and how small he looked in it. He doesn't look so small in his seat now!

The doctor said we can move on to whole milk. So, when we finish this can of formula, milk it is! She's doing really well with the sippy cup so we'll be moving to that, too!

She talks all the time, but we recognize the words "ma ma" and "da-dee!" She mostly says da-dee, which I think is adorable. X-man said "da-da" but I guess since he's always saying daddy, Buttercup picked up on that, too.

She took a few steps at Kindermusik on Tuesday. She hasn't done it too much since then, but I think both kids (and momma!!) will be worn out when Buttercup learns to walk!

I was hoping Buttercup would share her "flirty eyes" with the doctor, but she didn't. I haven't seem them too often, but occasionally she'll look at you and blink her eyes slowly. Too cute!!

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