Friday, April 24, 2009

What we're up to now...

Well, we're up to alot.

Both kids are doing great with their second set of tubes. Thankfully Buttercup's cold seems to be going away so that unpleasantness will be gone soon. She's got her two top front teeth that are just trying to push their way through. She's been full of spit and vinegar for the last month and I'm pretty sure the majority of it is due to these teeth. Yesterday, though, I could see a tiny little part of the tooth that had come through. I'm hoping I'll see more of that tooth when I get her up in a few minutes!

Buttercup is talking up a storm. I don't understand much of what she says, but she sure is passionate about it!

She can say (in order of frequency):

da-dee (he loves that!)
uh-ohhh (and she makes the cutest little face when she says that!)
hee-haw (thanks to a Kindermusik song about a donkey)
zeh-duh (that would be her brother! I love it when she says his name!)
woov-woov (yep, the sound a puppy makes)
yee-ya (that would be my mom - G-Joy)
ma ma (she'll say this sometimes)
paw paw (just yesterday she said this - that would be my dad)

So she's got quite a vocabulary. She is loving Kindermusik and will dance along with the motions to the songs when we're at home. I love to watch her pretend to play the little xylophone when we sing "Sweetly sings the donkey" and she'll "quack" her hands when we sing "All my little ducklings." It is so cute!

She's walking everywhere now. And she's pretty stable now! She can even stand up on her own. And when she does that X-man will say, "She squats, then stands up!"

Speaking of X-man, he is cracking me up on a daily basis. He just says the funniest things. Like one morning last week, he woke up and came to find me in the living room. He came up to me and said, "What a wonderful shirt you are wearing, mommy!" And when we're eating and he needs to excuse himself to go to the potty, he'll start walking away and say, "No time to stop and play!" He's even started telling daddy, "Be a good boy at work, daddy!" when we talk to daddy in the mornings. Cracks me up every time!

Yesterday is was such a beautiful day that we ate dinner a little early (5:45 instead of 6:00) and after cleaning up, we walked to our neighborhood park and played. Both kids really enjoyed that and I was glad that it wasn't just swealteringly hot. When we got back home, TC started the sprinkler on the lawn and I suggested to X-man that he go stand in it. He never did really get in the sprinkler, but he sure was having a good time! I even put Buttercup in the "line of fire" once, but she wasn't really enjoying the sprinkles on her face.

Kids are so fun!

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