Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today we took the kids to see Up. I was pretty sure X-man could handle it, but I wasn't sure Buttercup would. I would have bet money that I'd miss the last half of the movie due to having to walk Buttercup around outside the theatre.

They both surprised me.

With about 15 minutes of the movie left Buttercup started to get antsy. But I was able to appease her by standing in the hallway so I could see about half the movie screen and still hear it. Both of the kids LOVED the popcorn!

The movie was really good. I was really amazed at how much I was "into" the Carl/Ellie relationship when all we really got was a combination of sceens with no talking. I just about lost it when Ellie and Carl were in the doctor's office (after they looked at cloud shapes...don't want to give away all the stuff!). I loved Dug, the dog and Russell, the little boy, was adorable!!

Anyway, I've been seeing other people's Photo 365 projects on the net and decided that today I would start My Adventure Book and do my own Project 365. I'm probably not going to Venezuela or anything terribly exotic, but I do have my own little adventure right here in my house...and they're not getting any younger (but they are getting cuter!).

I'm nowhere near a professional photographer. I don't even have a fancy-schmancy camera...just my little point and shoot. But at some level, pictures are pictures and I'm looking forward to this!


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Oooh... Fun! I remember seeing Patti's 365 pics on flickr. Where are you going to post them? I wanna see!!

Lisa said...

YEAH!! Can't wait to see your site!