Thursday, June 04, 2009


What Would Jesus Like?

To get to this story, there is a bit of backstory, but I'm going to leave out some of the details because I'm not sure I want to blog about the whole thing...

Three weeks ago, my beautiful, gentle, caring mother-in-law died in a motorcycle accident. The night we got the news I prayed with my whole body for help with what to tell X-man about Gramma (along with other prayers!). He would absolutely know that she wasn't there if we got to Granddaddy's house and Gramma wasn't there.

So, I told him that Gramma went to heaven to live with Jesus. He said, "But I didn't see Jesus..."

"We don't have to see Jesus. We just know that's where Gramma is now."

"Where is heaven?"

"Heaven is way up in the sky so if we want to talk to Gramma now, we have to wave up to the sky and blow kisses way up high!"

We have sent lots of waves and kisses to Gramma and to Jesus in the last three weeks.

Ok, now to the story...

A few days ago we had pizza for lunch. I watched X-man pick off the bell peppers. I told him that Gramma didn't like bell peppers, either. He looked at me and said, "And Jesus doesn't like bell peppers?" I told him that Jesus probably did like bell peppers. So he said, "Only Jesus likes bell peppers. And me and Gramma don't like bell peppers!" He was very proud of himself with his little logic!



Lisa said...

COMPLETELY logical. X is such a thinker!

Heidi said...

So sorry to hear about your mother in law. Love and hugs to you all! Love the logic of the little ones...cute how things make sense in their little minds!

Dwayne and Reagan said...

I got chills reading this...and then I bawled. Could be the postpartum hormones, but it really felt more like The Spirit moving through me. What a smart little man you have and, rest assured, Gramma is smiling down on him from Heaven and encouraging him to pick off his bell peppers! ;) We love you and have been praying with our whole bodies lately, too...