Friday, July 03, 2009

I finished!

It's a crocheted purse! I got the pattern at (you can click on Free Downloads and it's the Starling Handbag). This is the small version. I thought that would be best to start out with. And as it was, I had to rip it out twice before I finally got it right. I have such a problem following crochet patterns sometimes. I think that's why I like blankets. Usually I choose a pretty simple pattern and it's just back and forth and if my stitch count is off somewhere, I don't have any problem just adding a stitch or decreasing a stitch somewhere. I don't think the gift receivers are going to look that closely! For things like this purse, there's going around and making sure you get the seam stitches lined up (and I did! Yea!) and making extra carefully sure that the stitch count is correct so the purse isn't lopsided! It's so cute that I think I really am going to line it. I'll have to go find some fabric. Alice at futuregirl has some great tutorials for the whole part of this bag and she has a really simple looking tutorial for making the lining. Just some measurements (which she walks through and includes a worksheet!) and straight-line sewing! And when I get the fabric for the lining, I think I'm going to look for some felt and make a few felt flowers for the front!

Oh, and this pattern has three different sizes, though I think that if you're proficient enough at crochet and reading a pattern, you could increase or decrease it however you wanted to change the size of the bag!

And not that I need another crochet project or anything, but I happened to fold this little purse up with the sides touching in the middle (so it folded in the middle of the handles) and it looked like a really cute child's tank top! And it wouldn't require any attaching of sleeves! I might have to see if I have some lightweight yarn and try it. Buttercup might be getting a cutesy new top!


futuregirl said...

Holy smokes! If you are able to turn this into a tank top, you're the (wo)man!

I love that pink! Can't wait to see what you line it with. :)

nancymoo said...

I love the pink! So cute! You should definitely try the futuregirl liner tutorial. I have used it and its tres easy! I just finished my crocheting and I'm working on my liner. Don't you just love the pattern? :D

Lisa said...

super cute