Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy, much?

Yep. That's me.

And the kids are still growing.

Buttercup is perfecting her sassiness. Yesterday she kept going to her bathroom and turning on the water in the sink just to play in the water. I have no problem with her washing her hands, but she doesn't need to be turning on the water all the time. After the third time of me having to tell her not to do that, I decided to try putting her in time out. Off we went and I put her in the little corner in the living room by the bar. She sat there (and looked incredibly pittiful) until I told her to get up. About 30 minutes later she went back to the bathroom. I went to get her and told her she needed to go sit in time out.

"Ok, mommy!" And just like that, she hopped off the stool and sat in the corner. That little stinker!

I painted her nails yesterday, too. She wasn't sure what to make of it and cried through it all (thank goodness for Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish!) but afterwards, she kept holding up her hands to show me her pink nails! And today she wanted me to paint them again because a few nails had already chipped polish. This time she didn't fuss, and she appropriately blew on her nails to dry them. That cracked me up!

She likes to say, "LOOK, Mommy!" or "LOOK, Daddy!" whenever she wants to show us something. Lately that has been hopping. She can get off the ground and she's so proud of herself!

Buttercup pretty much wants whatever toy X-man is currently playing with. Learning to share can be a tearful experience. She also likes to sit down in front of the bookshelf and just pull off books and flip through them. She particularly likes the Dr. Seuss books. And both kids love to sit on the couch with me while I read books. That's usually when I get the most hugs and kisses from X-man. Buttercup is still pretty giving with her kisses! I love that!

She likes to eat "Slalamli" which is salami and she wants all the raw salmon at the sushi restaurant to herself. She loves eggs and bacon and peanut butter. She doesn't seem to eat much, but since her height and weight is in the 50th percentile, I think she's doing fine.

She loves her Kindermusik class and can tell me the names of kids in that class as well as the names of a few kids in her mother's day out class.

She loves to wear "pretty nightgowns" and every night want's to "go show daddy." She'll run into wherever daddy is and say, "LOOK, Daddy! Cute!" and then wiggle her bottom. This love for the nightgowns has translated into loving dresses or even long shirts that look like a dress. And today she wore a headband in her hair because I had a scarf in mine and she wanted a "pretty head" too! She's definitely got the girly role down!

I think that's "all I got" for the updates. Poor Buttercup won't have near the number of updates on her first two years as X-man. Hopefully she won't hold that against me.

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Lisa said...

Awww ... the first painting of the nails. What a treat! PICTURES!