Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Divine Mrs. M Burgers!

Last night for dinner, TC took me for hamburgers at my favorite place...Ron's Hamburgers. He prefers Little Mike's, but Ron's has these things called Texas Toothpicks...battered and fried onions and jalapenos. I don't like jalapenos, but I'll endure them for some of this tasty treat!

So, we're looking at the menu and we notice that they have sausage burgers...half sausage, half ground beef! Holy Cow!!!! TC and I split one and it was delish! We've been telling everyone we know how delicious the burgers were that we had at the Divine Mrs. M's house on her birthday. I hope they aren't her husband's family secret recipe!

Oooohhh...it's not even lunch time and I'm hungry!!

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Bashful Blue said...

Burgers sound yummy! And I'm not really a sausage eater. Are you an SU demo? I am going nuts waiting for the UPS man today. I can't wait to get my hands on that catty!