Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today's Appointment...

I didn't get to see the doctor today because he was sick...and has been for two days! Not like him!

I did go ahead and visit with the nurse because I had several questions...and I wanted to get some bloodwork done.

The nurse told me about the ultrasound report...the sonographer could see (I don't know how!) the place that was causing the spotting, but it appeared to be healing. That's a very good thing! The nurse also gave me some Prometrium (progesterone suppliments) as a just-in-case thing. Just in case my last miscarriage was due to low progesterone, she put me on this. It's a little weird to be taking a drug that was not originally intended to be taken by pregnant women...it even says so in the little folded informational leaflet! However, I'm very glad that I'm taking it now because I was a little worried that low progesterone is what caused the miscarriage...and I know this because of all my medical knowledge...yea, right!

Anyway, this appointment and the ultrasound really helped to ease my worries. I'll go back to the doctor next week to see him and find out how my bloodwork went.

Hope the Little Pebble is all comfy in there!

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