Friday, July 08, 2005

Eight Weeks!

Well, almost eight weeks.

I had my eight-week appointment yesterday (I was only 7w4d). Everything was good and within normal range.

Blood Pressure: normal
Weight: lost 1.5 pounds since Tuesday (how in the world did that happen?)

From my blood tests last week, all my hormone levels (including progesterone) were within normal range. So, the doc cut me back to one Prometrium per day instead of two.

I mentioned something to Doc about the overall queasiness and he said, "Remember, you're not sick, you're just pregnant. It won't last forever." I thought that was pretty funny considering that's what I've been trying to tell myself!

Speaking of morning sickness, it has come back. It started Wednesday...but at about 10:00 am instead of first thing in the morning. Thank goodness! So, I can wake up and feel fine, then I'm pretty queasy starting about 10 until dinner time. I try to eat little snacks because that seems to help, but it just doesn't always work out. In fact, yesterday after my appointment, I had to fill my prescription and then I was going to the gym. Since I was not feeling well, I had contemplated skipping the gym. TC suggested I pick up a snack at CVS while I was waiting on my prescription. Ummm...the only thing that looked good were the Keebler Soft Baked chocolate chip cookies. I had three before I got to the gym. What a healthy snack! Oh, well.

Good thing I brought them to work with me for today!!!

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