Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nicest Compliment!

TC and I went to see Hello, Dolly! last night and it was a good show. The acting, music, set, etc. was great, I just didn't enjoy the story line. I know I'm not going to like every single show they do, but I can appreciate all of them...except for Grease which was horrible! The acting, plot, music...all of it was yuck!

Ok, to the compliment. There are some ladies that have the seats right behind us and have now for several years. We chit-chat a little (they chit-chat much, much more...even into the overture!!!) and then watch the show. Yesterday the two early ones told me how lovely my new haircut was. They asked me where I got it cut and one of the ladies said, "I go to SuperCuts, but my hair never turns out looking like that!" I guess I was just blessed with nice hair.


Here's a story I have to share...

This weekend while my parents were visiting, I got my new Stampin' Up catalog. Mom and I were looking through it and we stopped on a page that had a scrapbook sample. There was a little baby and her name above the picture. Mom said, "Who in the world would name their child after a cheese?!?" The baby's name was Brie. I whole-heartedly agreed with her. We kept laughing and throwing out other cheese names: mozerella, parmesan, goat. Then, my dad said, "Umm...ladies, you better be nice about the cheese-name thing." TC walked in and then I got it!!!

Yes, my husband has a cheese name! OMG!!! I nearly fell off the couch laughing! He wasn't even paying attention to the conversation, so he wouldn't have known if I hadn't told him why mom and I were in hysterics. times.


eyeball_715 said...

my future husband has a "pesky residual piece of paper from Florida" name...=)

so, cheese isn't so bad...=)

snarflemarfle said...

You are a goober!!!

Betsy said...

Ya'll are both silly!!!

Anne said...

ive never seen brie as a name for a kid, but i do know a Bree...which I think is awful pretty and doubly nice because Tolkien made it famous.