Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!!

Mom and Dad left about 1:30 this afternoon. I had no morning sickness the entire time they were here. How wonderful!!! I was pretty excited about that because one of the main things we do when they're here is EAT! We went to Crabtown for crawdads on Friday, Sushi Neko and Hideaway Pizza on Saturday, Deep Fork Grill on Sunday and then we had Abuelo's for lunch today before they left. And I was able to eat everything! So, maybe that wasn't a good thing. I hope I don't tip the scales on Thursday at my doctor's appointment!

Dad did order something online for me...peppermint barberpoles from Hammonds Candies. We saw them on Food Network's Unwrapped and I mentioned that I always think about ordering from them, but forget. So, I've got a shipment of peppermint and cherry (for TC) barberpoles coming soon. Yummy!

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