Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The MeMeMe Game

What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

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Okay, here are my personal 5 things that I miss from childhood:

1. I miss my maternal grandparents. They passed away when I was a sophomore in college, but I can strongly remember spending two weeks every summer with them in Louisiana. They were fun and so loving...of us, our parents and each other. I remember learning how to decorate cakes one summer. My sister and I each had a cake to decorate for Father's Day. Can you say sugar overload? I remember dying an ostrich egg that my other grandmother mailed from Texas to Louisiana. Sis and I hid that egg all over Grandmother and Paw-Paw's house! I remember having a taffy pull with any of our cousins that were available. I remember a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi (and how to spell Mississippi in that special way). I remember the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. I remember Grandmother teaching us to crochet...Playing Rook with Grandmother and Paw-Paw...watching Bozo the Clown and eating Cream of Wheat every morning...learning how to shuffle cards with the bridge and how to braid...smelling the beautiful camellias that they grew and showed...snapdragons...sniff

2. I miss getting to buy new school supplies. Yes, the clothes shopping was fun, and I really enjoyed picking out that "perfect" first day of school outfit, but my favorite part was the new backpack full of supplies! A brand new box of pencils and a brand new box of crayons have got to be two of the best smells on earth. Even now, better keep me away from the office supply section!

3. I miss my childhood friends...Avery, especially. She was so much fun and we often spent the night at each other's house. One time, we were at Avery's house and we watched Dreamscape. That movie freaked me out. There was, however, quite a sexy scene (with Dennis Quaid, apparently) that was just too much for my little 9 year old brain. There was another time when we were at her house and we were watching The Twilight Zone. It was the episode with the plane and the gremlin-thing knocks out the window and people start to be sucked out of the plane. Anyway, it was at a scary part and something started scratching and making this horrible noise out of Avery's back door...CREEPY!!! It turned out it was just her dad. My sis is still freaked out about that!

4. I miss playing with toys like Cabbage Patch Kids (I had 5!), Strawberry Shortcake and my Barbies. And what about playing with toys...OUTSIDE?!? These days, I'm only outside to check on my mint and to get in the car. We really need to get a nice table and chairs on the back porch so we can just shoot the breeze and be outside.

5. I miss making dinner with my dad. I didn't always get to help too much 'cause sis liked to hog all the stirring. But, it was fun to be in the kitchen, talk about our day, and make something delicious. Dad rarely used a cookbook...just threw stuff together that he knew would taste good.

Sheesh...now I need a kleenex...


Mrs. Flinger said...

I had a billion cabbage patch kids, too! I didn't list that, what a great idea! :-)

Anne said...

oh man, new school supplies were THE BEST. They are all out at the store now and I have to slap myself to keep from buying crayons and mechanical pencils and wide ruled paper. Man, wide ruled paper...good stuff back in the day.