Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New 'Do

Yes, I chopped off all of my hair yesterday. Well, I didn't chop it all off! I did get 5-6 inches cut off and boy does it look cute! I'm back to my ever-popular short cut that's just below the tops of my ears. I cut about 20 minutes off my "getting ready" time this morning. That'll be nice especially on Thursdays when I get up so early for 6:00 Bible Study! TC thinks it's a cute cut...but he likes my hair no matter what I do with it. What a guy!

I'll be taking the new 'do out this evening. We have tickets to Hello, Dolly! tonight. Sally Struthers is starring in it. Two years ago, the big name was Deborah Gibson (yes, Debbie Gibson) in Chicago. Now that was one cool show! We have reservations at Sushi Neko tonight, as usual. I just love our summer date nights!

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