Sunday, August 21, 2005

He Remembered!

He does remember my favorite flower...Gerbera Daisies!

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These was the beautiful arrangement placed on the Lord's Table in honor of our anniversary. There are two other places to have flowers and that's in front of the pulpit and by the "fish." The fish is a basket shaped like a fish and all donations in that basket go to special ministries in our church or around the world (you can kinda see it just to the left of the arrangement). So, the flowers at the other two spots were celebrating a 30 year anniversary and a 32 year anniversary. The flowers are listed in the bulletin with the honorary or memorial info. TC looked at the bulletin this morning and chuckled. He thought it was funny that there was a celebration of two wedding anniversaries that were much longer than ours. I reminded him that you have to have the 5 year before you can have the 30 year!

Good day!

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Betsy said...

Those flowers are beautiful! They are my favorites too.