Monday, August 29, 2005

Just for my momma...

I guess my mom's a little worried that the little pebble won't be well-rounded culturally if all I listen to is 80's music and NPR. She asked me to please play some good clasical music. Ok, not hard. I was a music major in college and and I have quite an extensive collection of classical music (though, I admit, not as extensive as my sis!!!). I wanted to get something that was fun and exciting that I could listen to in the car on the way to work.

I got in the car this morning and popped in Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. Those of you that don't know this piece have probably heard at least one of the movements/poems on commercials. O Fortuna is everywhere, most recently on the commercial for The Amazing Race on the Game Show Network.

So, I'm listening to it and was nearly in tears. Good gravy...

1. It just hit me funny that I was actually doing something for the baby! Now, I know that I'm eating right and watching what kinds of things I do for the baby, but some of those just seem so routine now. However, purposely putting in a CD so the baby can hear a certain type of music? That kind of premeditation really got to me.

2. And, I started thinking about the first time I really got to know this piece. It was in high school band and our band director put it on the program. I've even done the piece in college band. So, I was reminiscing about band and all of that. Just got to me.

Ok, I'm fine now and I've got plenty of the CD to listen to on my way home. And when that's over, I'll start on my number one favorite classical piece of all time,
Pictures at an Exhibition. Incidentally, I had our organist play Great Gate at Kiev as our "going out" piece at my wedding. Beautiful and quite stately!


Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, I remember crying during a CD when thinking of LB.

I did it yesterday. :)

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Cayley loves music, and her absolute favorite is the band I would always listen to on my drive to work. She squeals, kicks, and waves her arms whenever she hears them. :)