Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Pillow

Did you know that at maternity stores they have a strap-on pillow to help you gauge your end-term pregnancy size?

TC and I went to Motherhood this afternoon to look for a swimsuit. The one I have from Old Navy, while cute, isn't super functional in water aerobics. The little drapey part that goes over my tummy has an inborn need to be floating around my boobs. That leaves my bare belly, well, bared!

All they had a Motherhood were two-piece suits so I ended up buying one online from Land's End. But while we were in Motherhood, I went ahead and looked at some other stuff.

I found a pair of Miracle Pants in khaki. Basically, these pants are stretchy and can be let out in various ways. There are side D-ring belts and then under those belts are hidden zippers that let out another few inches on either side. I think these'll do me for a good while. I also got a two-piece outfit on sale that is a pair of black pants and a cute top that's got the obligatory empire waist. Now, I tried these things on and, low and behold, I actually looked pregnant in them instead of just extra fluffy! That was cool!

Then, I decided I'd try on the pillow, too. I put it on and boy did it crack me up! You've seen pregnant women on tv shows that have a bad pillow job? That's pretty much what it looked like! And when I laughed, the pillow kinda bobbed up and down. That got me laughing even more! Poor TC thought I had lost my mind.

Now I just have to get the pants hemmed.

We're off to a Sunday School social tonight and I'm making Cherry Pie Cake. Yumm-o!!!

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eyeball_715 said...

you in a preggie-pillow? hee hee hee...that makes me laugh!