Monday, September 19, 2005

98% Sure

So, I'm pretty sure that I felt the baby move this weekend. TC and I were watching our DVD of the now-defunct Wonderfalls on Saturday evening. I had a Milano chocolate/orange cookie in my hand ready to be eaten and I felt this little "tap" down where I think the baby should be. About 4 seconds later, I felt the tap again in the same place. And no, I know it wasn't gas. That was really weird...thinking there's a person in there! I mean, I've known I was pregnant for several months now, but occasionally, I'll realize it again and it's just so cool/weird/intimidating.

I felt the little tap again on Sunday afternoon, sitting on the couch waiting for lunch to settle before going to the gym. It was just once this time, but it was roughly in the same place.

Ok, I'm ready for full-on kicks now!!


Luke & Brynna said...

Sure sounds like movements to me! That's exactly what mine feel like...litte thumps from the inside. :) Congrats!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Ahhh, that's the best feeling ever. :-)

Amanda said...

I loved those moments! Every movement is so special.