Monday, October 24, 2005

Better Ideas?

Ok, folks. Maybe you can help me out. Sunday night is our Sunday School Halloween Social. Costumes are absolutely mandatory (or you'll have to pick something out of the sack...I've never seen inside it, but I'm sure they're hideous). We didn't get to go last year because of Homecoming, so we're planning on using last year's idea.

That is, unless anyone has a better idea! And it needs to be simple.

For now, we're going as a Kodak Moment. That means we'll dress nicely (so as to be completely comfy) and carry around a large picture frame that we'll pose in occasionally. Of course, we could even dress a little more casual and use a homemade foam core frame and go as the HP commercial!

Any ideas that are just as simple, but still interesting? And no, I'm not painting my belly as a pumpkin! This is a church group!!!


Jen said...

I'm using orange felt and pinning it to my shirt for a pumpkin.

Betsy said...

If you think of any good ideas for just one person let me know. I don't have to dress up but it would be fun at the conference in Houston next week.