Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Mutual

TC felt the baby kick last night!

I must preface this with the fact that every time I try to get TC over to feel the baby kick, the baby stops moving. My mom says that it knows dad's nearby and is behaving.

While we were watching TV, the baby was moving lots and I was just watching my belly to see if it would move. TC looked over at me (who thinks I'm crazy for staring at my belly for several minutes at a time) and says, "Is there a bump on this side of your tummy?" Sure enough, there was. I felt it and it felt hard. The other side, though, felt squishy. TC came over and noticed it, too. He said it must have been a baby's butt. The baby moved shortly after all that. Must not have liked all the poking.

So, around 10:00, we got in bed. We were lying there and Little Pebble started getting wiggly. I told TC that and he rolled over and put his hand on my tummy. About 5 seconds later, WHACK! The Little Pebble gave me a nice big kick that TC could feel. He said, "I felt that. How weird."

Yea for baby tricks!


Betsy said...

Ya'll make me laugh!

Jen said...

Our little one does the same thing. Whenever daddy feels for kicks she stops. Of course daddy doesn't have much patience for sitting there with his hand in one place.

Anne said...

hah. It's going to get a whole lot weirder! 3 months ain't nothing!

JL Dropout said...

Both of my babies did the same thing!! Mr. Belle would get so frusturated he pretty much gave up! Of course, this week, Beaux is preferring dada over mama!