Monday, November 28, 2005

Back from Thanksgiving!

What a great Thanksgiving!

TC and I spent the holiday at my parents' house and my sister was able to fly in. We even got to have Thanksgiving dinner twice! Once was on Thanksgiving and we went down to our friends' house down the street and ate with them, their daughter and son-in-law and their two girls, and one of the girls that works with my dad (her family is all up north and her fiance is stationed somewhere far away). We had a second Turkey dinner on Friday because mom went ahead and got a turkey and dressing from the local caterer's. I love Turkey!!!

Mom, dad and sis all got to feel the baby kick. And my sis wasn't kidding about being stuck to my belly the whole time. She was! She would pat the baby, put her ear on my tummy (and the baby would kick her in the head), she talked to the baby and I think she might have even whispered a few things to the baby where I couldn't hear. She better not have been telling stories on me!

There was one pretty exciting moment...on mom's phone bill. She had several unexplained international charges to Latvia on the bill. Well, we know no one in Latvia...and none of us speak Latvian! Mom called and they told her that she must have gone to a website that dialed Latvia. Um...sis and I, being more understanding of some of these technical things, needed a bit more information. So, sis picked up the phone and proceeded to be mom for several minutes. She got a different guy who promptly offered to reverse the charges (it was only $80 worth, but still! $80 could buy alot of stuff...or one really nice thing!). He did not give her the "random website dialing" excuse. And he couldn't explain how exactly it happened either. Crazyness...

On Saturday night, TC and I were in bed, lying tummy-to-tummy. The Little Pebble was going nutso. TC laughed and said, "Wow! It's really going now, isn't it?" I agreed with him and continued to feel the baby swim laps...

...This baby's well outfitted in there. It's apparently got a Dance Dance Revolution Game, a bicycle and now a lap pool!

After a few more big kicks, TC said, "How do you go to sleep with all of that?" I just giggled. And of course, for the next 20 minutes or so, every time the baby would kick, I'd giggle.

Sunday morning we took sis to the airport and then TC, mom, dad and I headed to church. TC and I were both recruited to sub in the handbell choir that was playing that morning. No biggie, we'd both played the piece before...yet in very different positions! After the bell piece was over, I headed to the choir loft with mom and TC went to the back of the church with dad. He was recruited again to be an usher. Oh well. It's nice to know people like you!

We got home last night around 7:00. After a quick dinner of cereal (we'd eaten plenty of lunch at the country club after church) we set up the Christmas tree. Last year, we just put up the round balls. This year, we put up all the fun family ornaments. TC has a box of his ornaments that his mom gave him when he moved away. I don't really have a box of ornaments from my house...but I have collected several since I got married and my mom's started giving everyone ornaments at Christmas. That's started a nice collection! I do know that my sis and I have always had a favorite's a 1976 Hallmark twirl about ornament. Of course, with two girls each having the same ornament as their favorite, mom and dad had to go find another. They did find one at an antique shop. I'm guessing one day mom will give these to us.

Anyway, it's back to work now. Ugh. But not too many days until my birthday (on Friday)! I just love it that everyone decorates for my birthday...and then leaves all the decorations up until Christmas!


^starshine said...

Here's an early Happy Birthday!!

Glad to know the trip went so well.

Hubby and I buy a new ornament each year and buy the same one for the girls so when they leave the nest, they will have all their own favorites with them to put on their own tree.

Betsy said...

Well phooey! I didn't even think about you going to your parent's house for Thanksgiving. Where the heck was my brain! I am glad that you had a good trip!