Monday, November 28, 2005

How could I forget?

I just remembered something I was going to say about our dinner on Wednesday night with my parents and sis. We went to this little fried catfish place (yummy!!!). There was a homemade-computer generated sign on the front door that said,

"Please ask your server
about our
chicken fried bacon!

Do I even need to mention that I was in Texas? Holy cow! Fried bacon?!? Talk about heart attack on a platter!

We skipped that but did try the fried pickles. And let me tell you...those are some pickles this pregnant lady could start craving! Dipped in Ranch? Absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks sis, for suggesting that we get some!!

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Mama C-ta said...

I really could have used those fried pickles during my first trimester!!!!