Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Only Ones?

So, I'm wondering, were we the only ones that sat at our house last night practically in the dark?

No, we have proper electricity. But we didn't want any trick-or-treaters. Is that bad?

The first Halloween in our house, we had a nice bowl of what some would call primo candy. And we had another bag of it in our kitchen for our own private stash. I made TC hand out the candy...yall didn't know I'm a very shy person, did ya?

So, he's handing out candy and commenting on all the costumes. I hear him say to one group of kids, "Haven't you been by here already?" At that point, he thinks that they had actually been at our house 3 times. We could only guess that we were one of very few people on our block with candy since the 5 houses we could see from our front door were displaying the universal "no candy" sign.

All that being said, last night we turned off our porch light (now I've got to reset the timer!) and kept our halogen lamp in the living room on low (in spite of the strange humming noise it makes at that level).

We'll see what happens next year when we have an 8 month old...

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Jen said...

What really gets me is those teens who go around with big pillow cases and no costume. Especially when they push the little kids in cute costumes out of the way so they can get their candy and go to more houses.
We took our kids to the church trick or treat, so we were not even home. I did feel kind of funny about it though.