Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Party

TC's on the phone with the hubby of the lady who can't get out of her pajamas, so I thought I'd write about the awesome costumes at the Sunday School Halloween party tonight.

We did go as a Kodak moment. Several people thought it was pretty cute...and impressive that we were able to be "dressed up" yet still in our comfy clothes.

The best costume (by way of a vote) was for the Bun in the Oven and the Baker. Yes, it's a pregnant couple (there are 5 in the class!). He was dressed in a baker's hat and an apron. She wore a box that was painted to look like a stove/oven unit. The oven had a window in it and you could see her bare belly through it! It was adorable!! She's 7 months along (about 6 weeks ahead of me) and I swear that my belly's bigger than hers...and she's already had one kid. Hmmmm...

Second place went to the Shower and Loofah. Now, several of the guys saw the shower costume and immediately thought of the Karate Kid. How do people remember these things? Do not ask me for lines from a movie...unless it's the Princess Bride. And don't ask me if I remember specific scenes from a movie...unless it's The Saint. Anyway, this couple rigged a shower and the wife was a loofah. She had bunched up purple tuile (how do you spell that word? it's ballet tu-tu stuff...) pinned all over black shirt and shorts. She even had a thick, white rope "necklace" that looked like the loofah hanger! They are mighty creative...

Let's see...other costumes:
Donald Trump and Martha Stewart
A Butterfly and the Butterfly Catcher (this is another pregnant couple)
Salt and Pepper
A Witch and her broom (the husband wore a brown sweater and had on a grass skirt)
A Priest and a Pregnant Nun (the fourth pregnant couple)
Batman and Batgirl
Two parts of a Mariachi Band (I think the husband just wanted to wear the mustache)

Everyone's so creative and they try to outdo each other every year. I just can't get into that...I suppose if I could come up with a way cool costume, maybe.


^starshine said...

I believe the word you are looking for is "tulle." As in the ballerina tu-tus were made of tulle.

Sounds like there were some awfully creative people! I would have loved to see have see those costumes.

snarflemarfle said...

Yep! Tulle! I could not figure it out (and tuile is a kind of cookie...).


Mrs. Belle said...

What CUTE ideas, I am nowhere near that creative!

Anne said...

i love parties like that. It's fun to see what people can come up with.

And everyone is different in how they carry a baby. I gained less weight with my second one. Still, it was close to 45 pounds total. Then there are the super skinny freaks who have a baby and the next day they look like they stepped out of a fashion mag.