Saturday, December 31, 2005


Here's a picture from the doorway of the nursery. If you've been to our house, the guest room where you probably slept is just to the left and the guest bathroom is behind me. On the far right side of the picture, you can just barely see the window with the fabulous new faux wood blinds. And the dresser is on the same wall as the window.

Nursery Posted by Picasa

Here's a closer picture of the crib. The sweet little lamb is a gift from my sis and the mobile (which plays Brahm's Lullaby) is a gift from my parents.

Crib Posted by Picasa

This is a closeup of the toys in the crib. The teddy bear is the one TC gave me when we got the positive HPT. The McMurry shirt is what we bought at Homecoming and I thought I'd put it on the bear. The blue bear/lion is a gift from TC's neice and the yellow duck is a gift from TC's parents.

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The dresser. Not too exciting, but you can see the lamp we bought on Thursday and the baby monitor is next to it. We'll put a changing pad on the lower portion of the dresser.

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^starshine said...

Looks great guys!

MommyLuv said...

I love it! Babies are so wonderful!!! Can't wait to meet Little Pebble.

Mrs. Flinger said...

YEY!!! You're gettin' ready. How exciting!