Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm Crafty!

Um...is that an allusion to the Beastie Boys? TC would be so proud!

I was quite crafty this weekend. On Friday afternoon, I checked my email. I had a reminder from a friend that their baby was being baptized on Sunday, Jan. 1. I hadn't been to a shower for this baby and I hadn't made a baby blanket. So, at 5:00 on Friday evening, I decided that I had enough yarn left over from this project and I could use this pattern to whip up a pretty cute, quick blanket. I got started.

By Saturday evening (I'd say around 6:00), I was finished. And it only took a few hours!

Other craft projects included cleaning the office. I consider that crafty since the office is also my craft room. And I need the space in order to craft.

Then I got to work on a scrapbook for the baby. I had originally thought I'd start small with a 6in.x6in. book...not as intimidating as a 12x12! Well, my church friends are having a shower for me and the invitation won't fit in a 6x6. And I wanted to make a sign in page for the guests. I'm pretty impressed with what I've done so far considering I don't quite have all the supplies I'll need. But I'll order that soon enough. I've got two pages plus the sign in page, so that should be sufficient for the shower.

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