Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Or is it Jiggity Jog? Oh, matter.

We are home from our Christmas trip. And we've already informed everyone that this will probably be the last Christmas trip for a while. We don't want to have to load up baby, Christmas gifts, etc and then bring back more gifts, Santa's stuff, and all that.

We had a great time with TC's family. And we also got to visit with ^starshine , her hubby and her beautiful kidlets! I just consider them part of the family and I almost pester TC to death to find out if he's planned some time for us to see them whenever we go to his parents' house. We enjoyed visiting and even started talking about blogs we read. I thought it was pretty funny how involved we felt with people that we've mostly never met! I would tell you all about it, but ^starshine said it best in her post.

As for TC's family, we enjoyed opening presents with his parents, sister and her daughter and TC's paternal aunt. She's a hoot...with a red beehive! He did have some other family over for most of the time we were of his maternal aunts, her son (who is sasquatch, if you as me...and super nice) and his son. Did you catch that?

Monday evening, we drove to my parents' house. They live about 2 and a half hours away, so it was a quick drive. They were off yesterday, so we spent the day with them. At one point, TC went to the indoor shooting range with my dad (they shot a few pistols) and Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby to look at the yarn. We didn't end up buying anything, but I have lots of ideas! I just need to finish what I've started first!

We're back and TC is napping. I decided not to nap because I slept 4 hours of the 5 hour trip. I've sorted all the laundry (including what was in the suitcase!) and started a load and next I'll start on sorting out the Christmas presents and getting everything put away. Heck, I'll probably even put my new Garth Brooks Box Set on the CD player and (quietly) rock out! Have I ever mentioned that I just love Garth Brooks? I've got all his CDs and then the last box set that came out (which means I got duplicates of some CDs) and now this box set (which means I have duplicates of the CDs that weren't in the first box set). Yes, I'm crazy. Deal with it...

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^starshine said...

Glad to hear you got good quality time in!! Was the sis in from Arizona??