Monday, December 19, 2005

Itchy & Scratchy Show

Judging by how much my belly has been itching the last few days, I'm guessing I'm in for a growth spurt. You know, it's not very attractive to just scratch your belly in public...

Related to my belly, last night at our Christmas Concert at church, one of the ladies asked what my due date was. I told her February 19th. She is absolutely sure that I'll "go" early. She's thinking first of February. The lady sitting next to her looked at me and my basketball belly and said, "Oh, my bet is on January 20th."

What the heck is she thinking?!? A whole month early? I then explained to them that my due date is based on a very specific start date (essentially, two weeks from my O date) and they could date pregnancies with greater accuracy these days. Please don't let me have this baby a month early! Good heavens, I won't be ready!

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MommyLuv said...

A month early is a little too soon but I had Babyluv two weeks early and she weighed 8'4. At my 36 wk. appointment, she already weighed 7 pounds. Don't worry b/c everything will be okay!