Monday, December 19, 2005


Saturday evening was TC's office Christmas party. Cocktails started at 6:00 and dinner started at 7:00; so we showed up about 6:30. And I was looking mighty cute, if I do say so myself.

We sat down with some people that TC works pretty closely with and enjoyed visiting with them. One of the guys kept trying to get us to share our names for the Little Pebble. It was a no go. We've only told parents and my sis. I will say that there will be a family name in either name we choose. So there!

Anyway, after dinner, there was a presentation and a drawing for gifts. They do this every year and give out about 30 gifts. They range from a box of chocolates to a dirt devil to a DVD recorder. We didn't win anything this year.

When that was all over, I told TC that I was ready to go whenever he was. I was really tired and a little crampy, so I wasn't feeling exactly up to snuff. He got up and told our table that he was taking his tired wife home. What a sweet guy.

We got home and I started to change into my pajamas because it was only 8:45. Yikes! I thanked TC for taking me home, and said that I hoped he didn't mind that we left so early.

You know what he said? Of course you don't...

He said, "Well, I would have liked to dance with you at least once, but you didn't look like you'd be up to it." I nearly cried right there.

On Sunday afternoon, I was making the popcorn snow for my office and he walked in as I was cleaning up. I had my radio playing (a Bose...Christmas gift from mom and dad) and TC came over to me, took the dishes out of my hands, and proceeded to dance with me for the rest of the song.

I couldn't have picked a more wonderful man! He's going to make an awesome daddy!


one hot 'sista said...

Does this mean I'll be getting one, too????!!

MommyLuv said...

That is so sweet of TC -- yes, you will BOTH make great parents. Believe me, parenting comes very natural (in my opinion).

eyeball_715 said...

of course, we all knew that TC would be a great daddy...just like you'll be a great mommy!

have a very merry Christmas!

love ya!