Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Ok, so I lifted the post title from a song. But I really do love this time of year. I love that my birthday is in December...and I love Christmas...and I love all the goodwill that goes around.

I also love driving to work and feeling my little baby squirm around inside my belly. I love the kicks...even when they're a little too hard on my ribs. I love the fact that TC and I have created something that's so special. *sigh*

. . .

It snowed yesterday. Yuck. Don't get me wrong. I love snow! I don't get to see much of it (growing up in Texas, now in Oklahoma), but I do love the snow...especially before people have walked all over it and the road slush gets splattered on the side of the road. But I do not like the snow when I have to get out in it!! I'd much prefer to enjoy the snow in my cozy house, snuggled under a quilt (preferably with TC) and maybe enjoying a mug of hot chocolate or spiced tea. Thankfully, the roads weren't too bad this morning.

I was watching the news to get a road conditions report and they showed a quick story about one of the malls in town having a "special Santa." The reason this Santa was so special is that he knew (spoke?) sign language. It was just adorable seeing those little kids communicating with Santa through sign language. The only sign I could figure out was "thank you." This pregnant woman was a little teary eyed!
. . .

I have some yarn waiting for me at home! I ordered some to make a few scarves for her and I threw in a few skeins for myself. Of course, I can't play with this newest yarn until I finish the scarf I'm currently working on for sis. I'm working on teaching myself to knit, but I think it's going to take several attempts. I just can't get the hang of the tension.

And somewhere in all of that, I need to start a blanket for the Little Pebble.

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