Friday, December 09, 2005

A February Baby is Here!

I have been following the story of Kris and Rod since "meeting" Kris on FertilityFriend. She had the same due date as me so I felt a little connection. Kris has been having lots of troubles during this and out of the hospital, contracting pneumonia, having to try all kinds of drugs, etc. Apparently, Baby Victoria decided she didn't want to wait 72 more days to meet her parents. She was born this morning at 4:00 am. Rod hasn't posted an update on their blog...I'm sure he's busy tending to mom and baby so that's perfectly ok.

Thankfully, at two days shy of 30 weeks, Baby Victoria has an excellent chance! And she'll get to have her first Christmas in just a few weeks. What an amazing Christmas Blessing.

Wow...I can't imagine having a little one already! My prayers are with all three of them.

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^starshine said...

I've been reading all the entries about her contractions and seeing those images of all those ivs in her poor hand.

30 weeks...Wow...(okay now getting weepy!) Sending many prayers for little Victoria to get strong and healthy so she can go home in record time.