Thursday, December 29, 2005

Outsmarted a CRIB BUMPER!!!

Good gracious, I have to calm down about the stupid bumper!

I called the baby furniture place this afternoon to see if they had an ETA for our crib and dresser. Low and behold, it was in! Wonder why they hadn't called? Oh, well. TC and I drove over there and determined that we'd need two trips. And thank goodness we had a dolly at home to wheel those suckers inside!

The dresser was already together. The only thing I had to do was put the knobs on the right way.

The crib went together pretty easily. I read the instructions and TC did the dirty work. It looks really nice!

As TC cut down the boxes so we could get all of it in our dumpster, I pulled out the baby bedding. The crib skirt is on...but it needs to be taken off and ironed. The crib sheet is on...but it needs to be washed. The bumper is on...kinda. I guess it sits on top of the mattress and not squished between the mattress and crib railing? Cause I don't think the mattress will fit if it has the bumper between it and the crib! And those gosh darn ties! The railings on our crib are apparently bigger than what the bumper company was anticipating. They look a little weird. TC says it looks fine.

I got the mobile up that my mom and dad got me and have the cute little lamb blanket from my sis sitting on the edge of the crib. Everything else in the bedding and the few dolls we got are sitting in the bed.

I'll have to take pictures tomorrow when I have a bit more energy. And we're going to go shopping for a nice glider/recliner for the family room and an inexpensive rocker/glider for the nursery.

Off to have some ice cream cake!


RysMomma said...

Those Crib Bumpers ties are never long enough. One side now is smooshed since she feels the need to stand on it all the time. Have fun shopping!

Jen said...

The crib bumper does go over the mattress. It's just to protect them from bumping into the rails. It also makes quite a good binky guard until you have to take it out and the binkies fall on the floor all the time- gah!