Thursday, December 29, 2005

Doctor's Appointment

32 weeks 4 days

Blood Pressure: 128/90 (yikes!!); 118/67 on the second try
Weight Gain: 1 pound (overall: 16.5 lbs)
Pee: white blood cells
Baby's Heartbeat: Good...when the doc could get a good lock on it!

The nurse and the doctor today were quite impressed with only a one pound weight gain; and over Christmas, too! They both told me I could have eaten more food. I told them that good 'ole Heartburn would rear its ugly head and the fear of that prevented me from overdoing it. Good for me...

About the blood pressure. What was up with the high reading? I wasn't anxious or nervous about anything. Strange. After the doctor was through, he asked me to lie on my left side and the nurse came back and took my BP again. It went back down to normal, so who knows.

The doctor did a quick external feel and said that the baby has dropped. I'm guessing it's something that I'm not gonna feel? Cause let me tell you, the kicks seem to be getting closer and closer to my NECK!! The doctor also used the doppler to hear the heartbeat and the silly little thing kept moving away! He finally got it and it was nice and strong.

Another appointment in two weeks...

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MommyLuv said...

16.5 pounds so far...ugghhh...I had gained that much by my 16th week!! You go girl!!! As for bumper pads, they can be a pain at first but they look so cute.