Friday, January 27, 2006

Doctor Visit

Yes, I'm still pregnant...36 weeks 5 days to be exact.

Blood Pressure: 118/80
Pee: Good
Weight Gain: -1 lb (total: 20.5 lbs)
Baby's Heartbeat: Strong

So, there's been no change in my status since last week. I'm still at a 4. The doctor said that he thinks I'll probably have the baby within the next week. I'm skeptical now. He's fine with me driving to and from work (it's a 30 minute drive in traffic and at home, I'm only about 5 minutes away from the hospital) and he's fine with me continuing at the gym.

I think that next week, I'm only going to work half days since I'm so worn out by the end of the day. Thankfully, my boss will be open to that arrangement.

TC and I will just enjoy each other's company and having the house all to ourselves for the next days. And we're going to sleep late in the morning since the only thing we have to do is lunch at our favorite sushi place and I need to get a haircut.

Until next time...


Mrs. Flinger said...

Ohh, girlie!!! It's the hardest times. Man, oh, man, I remember. I was at a four for weeks (not to discourage you) but I remember thinking, "People get epidurals at a 4! I should have had an epidural weeks ago!!!"

Hang in there. Listen to your body, not the doctors. :-)

Not long now!

Mama C-ta said...

Sleeping in? Great idea, best thing you can do right now!!