Thursday, January 12, 2006

Doctor's Appointment


Blood Pressure: 124/82
Weight Gain: 7 lbs!! (Overall 23.5 lbs)
Pee: all negative
Baby's Heartbeat: nice and strong

So, the weight gain. The doc says that most of it is fluid retention, so he's not going to worry too much about that. And after he said that, I did notice that my ankles have disappeared. Where did they go...and when did they leave?

As he was listening to the heartbeat, he was pressing on the top of my uterus. And he said, "I'm guessing mid to upper 7's." What? And then he said, "I mean at the end, not right now." I finally figured out that he meant the final weight of the baby. Now, I suppose that he's done this several times, but how in the world can he guess a weight for the baby by a simple little push? I guess he was also looking at the size of my belly. Oh, well. We'll see how close he is to correct soon enough.

My next appointment is NEXT WEEK!!!! And the nurse told me that they'll do the Group B Strep culture. Nice. I wonder if the doc'll check for any dilation or effacement while he's in there. I gotta remember to have TC sit on the bench that's not right there at the end of my feet. He probably doesn't need to see someone else checking out the ins and outs of my hoo-ha.

Now I'm off to bunco...where we'll probably just eat!


MommyLuv said...

Cool for you. Your weight is great -- only half of what I gained. My Dr. also guessed Babyluv's weight at my 34th week. She was 6 lbs at 34 weeks, 8.4 lbs at birth - 38 weeks. That is amazing how they are able to do that. I, however tested positive on the Group B Strep culture. No big deal...just means antibiotics during delivery.

^starshine said...

More than likely he will go ahead and check since he will already be "down there."

And for me, getting "checked" was very uncomfortable and I about ripped hubby's hand off. I was expecting the OB's hand to come out of my nose the way she was reachin.'

I was positive too, no biggie.

If you do come back positive just make a note to tell the delivery staff that you are. Don't take anything for granted that everything is communicated before hand.

Oh and before I forget this little piece of info, swelling of the ankles can actually get worse the week following delivery.

Carissa said...

You don't have to be checked if you don't want to be. It isn't really worth-while info. All it does is tell them the state of your cervix *at that moment.* You could be closed up tight as a drum and have a baby hours later. Or you could walk around for a week or more dilated 3-4 cm and completely effaced. Vaginal exams really are worthless in determining when a baby is coming.

As for the GBS test - if you are GBS+ you'll just need some antibiotics in labor. Not a big deal. You can ask for them to be given through a heplock and then you don't have to stay tied to the IV for the whole labor. Be aware that taking ABX can increase your chances of getting thrush postpartum though.