Thursday, January 12, 2006


Why does everyone assume that I'm miserably pregnant? They hear that I'm due in February...or watch me waddle down the hall...and look at me with those sad eyes. Or they'll ask me if I'm ready have this baby?

Well of course I'm ready to have the baby, but because I'm ready to meet the baby not because I'm feeling terrible!

Yes, I have the general pregnancy complaints, but overall, this pregnancy has treated me more than fairly. I haven't had any panic attacks or feelings like one might be coming. I haven't had any stomach aches and that in itself is a miracle. If you know me, you know that every single kind of emotion can illicit a stomach ache from me. Exited? Nervous? Tired? Early to a meeting? Late to a meeting? You got it...I've got a stomach ache. But they've completely gone away. That is wonderful! I look and feel darn cute. I enjoy the attention.

So see, when do I have time to be miserable?

Now don't get me started on the music people at church that think I should get back into the swing of things two weeks after the baby's born.

"Oh, you can just bring the baby to rehearsal."

"This baby'll love music it'll be at so many rehearsals."

"You'll still play on Good Friday and Easter, right?"

Good heavens people, let me have time to figure out what the heck I'm doing! I'm not planning on locking myself in our house and becoming a recluse, but can I not have a few months without having to worry about a rehearsal or performance? And no, I'm not playing on Good Friday or Easter. I've already gotten a sub...


Mrs. Belle said...

I am glad you feel good, that is awesome!

^starshine said...

That is awesome that you are feeling so wonderful! Rest up little lady, the big day is coming soooonnnn!!! :)

Yes, I'm giddy with excitement...

Carissa said...

Talk about pressure to perform, huh?
Take as long as you comes first!