Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Excitement Builds

I had another OB appointment yesterday. Here are the stats:

Weight: -2 lbs (overall: 21.5 lbs)
Blood Pressure: 122/80
Pee: I assume it was fine. The new nurse did things all out of order.
Baby's Heartbeat: Strong

We got a new nurse this time. The doctor has only had the two nurses and when he moved into his own practice from the hospital, I guess he decided that he needed to add one more. Anyway, this nurse did things all out of order. I just love the other two nurses...they cried with me after my miscarriage and they cried with me when I told them I got a positive pregnancy test this time.

So, after the nurse thoroughly confused me (weighed me BEFORE I gave my urine sample and then didn't check the sample while I was in there), she took my blood pressure and then asked me to take off my bottoms since I was getting the Group B Strep swab. TC decided he didn't want to sit on the stool that was right at the bottom of my feet. While he moved, I took off all my bottoms and I explained to TC that it was very important that one hid their underthings inside their pants. I'm not sure why this is a big deal...the doc sees much more intimate things than your underwear! Anyway, I was stripped and the doc knocked on the door as I was climbing on the table. He asked if we were all ready, and I said close enough. I mean...he's seen it before!

First, he pulled out the doppler and listened for the heartbeat. He said it was nice and strong. Then he told me the baby had dropped nicely into my pelvis...either that or the baby's head fell off! He said that he couldn't feel the head anymore. Then he went to get the nurse so he could do all the stuff to my girly parts.

He does the swab (not nice! but better than the pap) and then says, "Let's see if we're lucky and you're dilated at all." Then he proceeded to try to pick my nose through my wa-hoo. "Whoa! Somebody's already 4 cm. damn month early! You are not going to make it to your due date. If you go into labor, go the hell to the hospital...don't even worry about calling me." I was still in shock from the probe and didn't think to ask the doc what kind of time frame he was talking about. Then he said, "The baby's a fine size so they won't try to stop labor if you go in at this point. Sheesh, you're almost half-way through the process!"

"I have always been an overachiever!" I told him. The nurse laughed.

Well, I am!

So, that was my fun appointment. I know, I know. I could sit at 4 cm. for 4 weeks and still need assistance going into labor. Just let me bask in the knowledge that I'm even that much closer to meeting my little one.

And you know, it feels like I'm getting these Braxton-Hicks more often now. Guess ^starshine, my mom and TC's mom were right about me not making it to 40 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to get a timeline from the doc at next week's appointment!


^starshine said...

Hee hee...(trying not to bask in me being "right.") :)

By the way...the whole "checking" thing gets a little more tolerable as baby's head comes down further. When that happens, they are not having to reach up to your nose to feel for baby.

Carissa said...

I was 3-4 cm and 100% effaced for at least a week before my first was born. Might mean something, might not. The good news is that hopefully labor will be a little easier since your body has done a lot of the work already. (Being so far dilated before labor started didn't shorten mine any really - it still took about 18 hours but my bag of water was intact for most of that and that helped to make it pretty easy to manage.)