Monday, January 16, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

I was showered with gifts this weekend and boy, did it wear me out!

Two girls from my Sunday School class and my local "mom"* gave me a shower this weekend. The invite list included the Sunday School class, the handbell ladies from church and a few ladies from the orchestra at church.

My parents came up as did TC's mom, sister, niece and aunt. My dad and TC went to the gun show while the girls all went to the shower. I got lots of nice things for the baby: onesies, blankets, toys, books, CDs, etc. And we only got two duplicates...two bouncy seats and two Baby Einstein Lullabies CDs. We took one of the bouncy seats back and got the matching swing. We'll take the CD back later and get another Baby Einstein CD (we already have the Lullabies, Baby Bach and Baby Mozart).

Short Commentary
I think the whole Mozart Effect on unborn children is bunk. I do think that music can aid in learning, therapy, relaxation, etc. I just don't think that playing classical music for your unborn baby is going to make them any smarter or more intelligent than playing some other kind of music. Now, don't get me wrong. I love music! I was a music major for crying out loud! I just think that music and rhythm is more important than who actually composed the piece. I do plan on playing lots of music for my baby. And I plan on dancing with my baby...alot! And I can move the baby's legs and arms in time to whatever music we're listening to. I can't have a child with no rhythm. So, in addition to the Baby Einstein CDs (which I do think have a good collection of classical music), I'll also be playing things like Phantom of the Opera, my own collection of classical music and whatever else might be on the radio at the time. And I think that Little Pebble already likes Garth Brooks...

Ok, back to the shower. The cake was the most delicious cake I think I have ever had! It was a white cake and it was soooooooo moist! And the icing...well, you should know that my theory is that cake is just a vehicle for icing. I'll even choke down bad cake in order to have yummy icing. This icing was just as spectacular as the cake! I could have eaten the whole thing. I'm so glad that they gave me the leftovers to take home. By the way, they got it at Sam's! Who knew that they had such good cakes? Well, lots of you might have if you have a membership.

So the shower was loads of fun, I got lots of nice things and I had some delicious cake. What could be better? Oh, if my sister could have been there, that would have been even more awesome. But, she's busy (actually in Florida right now for a gig). And she's coming to see me (or is she coming to see the baby) in May. I can't wait for Little Pebble to meet Aunt Chickie!

TC's family left yesterday afternoon and my parents left this morning. As I was hugging my mom and saying good bye, she said, "You know, the next time I see you, you'll have a little baby!"

Holy Crap!

*She's not my birth mom, but she has pretty much adopted TC and me as her own children. Her older daughter went to college with us, was in our wedding and is one of my best friends (Hi, A.S.H.!!). So, I've kinda adopted her as my mom.


Rece Anthony said...

I agree with you on the music thing! Rece listens to a very wide variet of music!

^starshine said...

With Z I would pat my tummy like a drum. I think that is why she's got such good rhythym! :)

Sounds like you had a blast! I can't wait to see pictures of the shower and all the goodies you got!

It sure is fun to fill that baby room with all that baby stuff!