Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Laundry and Stuff

I did the cutest load of laundry last night! There were tee-tiny little socks, some gowns, onesies (we only got one 5-pack! I guess we'll need to go get some more!), blankets, washcloths and a few little hats.

TC laughed at me and said he was going to tell everyone at work that my maternal instincts had kicked in and I now enjoyed laundry.

Hold it right there, buck-a-roo! Somehow, I don't think that the awe of doing baby laundry will last much longer. However, it was pretty quick to fold and put up, which the part of laundry that I really don't like.

. . .

Being somewhat related to yesterday's post, my parents brought me a CD this last weekend. It's East Village Opera Company. Apparently they heard them on "Breakfast with the Arts" on their last visit to Vegas. The group essentially "rocks up" classic opera pieces. The opening of their newest CD is the Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro). It starts out sounding quite classical, and then a few measures into the piece, the electric guitar and keyboard starts in! I can't really think of another group to compare them to, unless you think of a bit of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and a touch of Mannheim Steamroller. Now, EVOC is classical music with TONS of rhythm!

. . .

Last night, Little Pebble was being especially wiggly. TC reached over and put his hand on my belly and the durn thing stopped it's gyrations. Ahhh...relief for the mamma! So, TC leaned over towards my belly and said, "Helloooooo, baby!" He got a nice shove. He did it again and was treated to the rolling of some body part across the top of my belly. Then, TC leaned over and kissed my belly. Of course, I giggled and said something about him being just the most adorable thing.

You know what he said? "Blog THAT!"


^starshine said...

Blog That!! Oh my goodness!! That is so funny!!

Baby laundry is pretty fast. Get yourself a lingerie mesh bag for all those baby socks, otherwise they disappear faster than you can say "Where's the other baby sock?"

snarflemarfle said...

I just had someone else tell me that about the lingerie bag! Sounds like yall are on to something!